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Creation - a singular vision

Dominique Imbert, who has never taken a design class in his life, blithely ignores trends and seeks above all to give free rein to his intuitions:
What I do teaches me what I am looking for, he confides.
What interests me is what moves me, and what moves me is to discover, hidden deep within certain shapes, a wink from the material - an inner life, a soul.
This is how we really find something other than the conventional, cold algebra that makes up our environment.
I take immense pleasure in coaxing forms to reveal their meaning, their clandestine nature, their poetry. Without poetry, to live is simply to exist, concludes this artist and humanist.


  • Exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Bordeaux, France)
  • Exhibited at the National Centre of Contemporary Art (Grenoble, France)
  • Exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum (New York, United States)
  • Voted Worlds most beautiful object in the Pulchra Design Awards (Italy)
  • Selected Most inspired creation at Helsinki Design Week by its 68,000 visitors (Finland)
  • Listed as an Icon of design of the 20th century by the home design magazine Schöner Wohnen and in the Callwey Design Encyclopaedia (Germany)
Dominique Imbert
Dominique Imbert

Technical design

Bringing the creative concept to life.

The design phase is where the vision becomes a physical reality. During this stage, the R&D team works to transform the artists idea into a workable model. In the field of fireplaces and stoves, this is not an easy task since in addition to the many technical and manufacturing constraints there are national and international efficiency and environmental regulations to take into account. Once the designers imagination has expressed itself, model after model, prototype after prototype, test after test is necessary before the finished product is ready - a process that takes years. The Slimfocus, for example, required 3 years of technical design before its launch.
Bureau d'études R&D department
R&D department


While the research and development process transforms the designers vision into reality, the production phase is where it becomes material.
The expertise of Focuss metalworkers allows the meticulous creation of the custom-made elements of its stoves and fireplaces that make each model unique.
Each step of production is rigorously checked, a guarantee of quality for our customers.
All Focus models are custom-made in France by our experienced production team.
The THEUS workshop in Cavaillon, France The THEUS workshop in Cavaillon, France
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